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Who Is Nathan?

Marketing is just purposeful communication. If you do something remarkable and tell no one, it might as well not have happened.

And so, my mission and purpose as a writer is to help you communicate clearly and persuasively online so that people will find you and take action when reading your website.

Why are you here reading this now?

Either you want to know if I’m legit or if we have the same values/mission/purpose. In other words, are we a good fit? 

Perhaps you are looking for answers to both questions?

You can answer the first question right now. Can I write engaging content? Well, are you reading this? 

If you’re still here, you know the answer. (hint: it’s yes!)

Second, do we have similar values. Can we work well together?

Before writing, I worked as a manager and software developer. This means I approach projects with an understanding of what it takes to motivate people (drawing on my background in management). 

I also come at each assignment with a logical, step-by-step approach due to my training in solving issues with solid reasoning as a programmer.

Do you like the sound of that? If so, let’s work together.

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The Core of What I Do


If you show your prospects how to get what they want by working with you, you succeed in business. 

Are you going to get the customers you need? 

Clear communication with your prospective customers is where you start. I can help you get that clarity in your written communication.

Let’s talk.   

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