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I write content for e-commerce businesses that builds trust and traffic for their site.

Using data driven methods to make interesting and useful content to grow your brand.

Most E-commerce Content Is Boring. It’s Rehashed And Unoriginal. You Need Better.

There’s a growing problem online. Anyone can setup a website. And it can be done in hours.

And they can promote a solution similar to yours. Worse, perhaps they are even selling the a copycat of your solution.

Getting lost in the sea of sameness will depress your sales. Unchecked, it’ll eventually choke the life out of your business altogether.

Not okay.

The fix is straightforward. Prove to your audience it would be madness to buy what you sell anywhere else online.

Here’s exactly how you do that. You need: 

    • Copy that gets people to take action
      • For online stores, that means powerful product descriptions
      • For e-commerce SaaS, that means a home/product page that resonates and gets a new trial user.
    • Blog posts that are so interesting and useful to your target audience that they share them organically (and build long term organic search traffic to your site).
    • Email newsletters that your list members want to read and consume.
    • Frequently asked questions to assure your site visitors you are knowledgeable
    • Product buying guides, white papers, and even customer stories (case studies and testimonials). These also will bring ready-to-buy organic search traffic to your site over time.

How To Build Trust And Traffic To Your Website

You need content that is built on these two things.

First, you need knowledge of what your target audience wants.

Second, you need ways to uncover interesting ideas/concepts that’ll hook their attention (regardless if it’s your “about us” page, email, or blog post).

Your Three E-commerce Content Building Blocks

1. Web copy – Got to have it to make sales. 

2. Emails – There are two parts to this one. 

First, a monthly newsletter that people want to read builds trust over time, and it’ll also pull in sales each time it’s sent too.

Second, you need a welcome sequence. When someone signs up to your list, you have a precious few days where you can build trust and nudge them to become a customer. Powerful when done right.

3. Blog posts (and product guides and whitepapers) – Unless you want to pay for each visitor forever, you need organic search traffic. 90% of online experiences begin at a search engine. 

You want your content to show up regardless of where in the buying cycle your potential customer is (a blog post for general awareness where you look to get them on your email list, a buying guide for the product researcher, and website copy for the one who is ready to buy now).


Let’s Connect! Click The Button To Start A Conversation.

Curious how this works?

1. We identify who you are looking to reach

Step one is easy.

We start with you telling me who you are trying to reach. Obviously any content that doesn’t speak to your target audience won’t help you. 

So, step one is making sure we’re aiming at the right people.    

2. You and I identify what to tell them. That is, what the topic and purpose will be.

For product subscriptions or a buying guide, this is pretty straightforward.

For other content like blog posts, white papers, buyer’s guides and case studies we can explore using proven data journalism methods to find topics that are fresh and interesting.

No more rehashing the same-old-same-old.

3. And then I deliver content that wins

Now, it’s time for me to do my thing.

I’ll extract the meat of the subject for you, and create content that wins.

Here’s some key points to keep in mind:

  • I’m on time
  • I’m responsive
  • And I’ll deliver a piece that does exactly what we agreed upon at the beginning in step one and two.

When I’m done, you’ll have fresh, original work delivered as a Google Doc that you can publish on your store and use right away.       

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